Emergency Fund Protocol: What Exactly is an Emergency?

Everyone knows about the importance of having an emergency fund.  This extra cash provides you with a cushion for unexpected circumstances that you leave you in a bind.  But what exactly constitutes an emergency?  When is it appropriate to crack into this money and when should you hold off?  CNN Money recently answered this very question. (more…)

Retirement Fund Anxiety

We start planning for our retirement years ahead of time.  In fact, some of us have been planning since we began working.  This includes dreams of long vacations, lots of golf and financial planning as well.  We often hear that our retirement fund needs to substantial before taking the plunge. This leads many to stress out over how much is enough.  Is there ever enough?  Many people are delaying their retirements or are beginning to dread the future due to these concerns.  Market Watch recently delved into this common problem of “awfulizing” retirement. (more…)

How Personal Finance is Effected by Modern Money Conveniences

Baby boomers know that we are in a much different world than we were 50 years ago.  Communication, transportation, and even personal finance have all changed dramatically.  CNN Money recently pointed out that while modern financial tolls have proven to be convenient and helpful, they have also led to some major problems.  Here are a few of those technologies and their faults. (more…)

Understanding the New Fiduciary Rule

Finally, the long awaited fiduciary rule has been taken into effect.  Well, partially.  On Friday, June 9th all types of financial advisers must put their best interests of their clients first.  This includes above their own financial gain.  The New York Times recently answered some questions that you may have regarding these changes. (more…)