3 Ways to Increase Savings and Find the Best Retirement Age for You

Retirement Age Varies

Financial planners are often asked, “What is the best retirement age?”  However, there is no right answer.  Your retirement age varies depending on many different factors, but the biggest factor is your savings.  We all know that we should start saving for our retirement as soon as start to work, but life gets in the way and this isn’t always the case.  Shockingly, recent polls suggest that 28% of people over t age of 55 have no retirement savings at all!  Another 26% have saved less than $50,000.  If you are one of these late bloomers don’t worry, because it isn’t too late.  CNN Money recently listed three helpful ways to increase your savings and determine the best retirement age for you. (more…)

Tax Filing Season is Upon Us

Tis the season…to start thinking of filing your taxes. This is the last year under President Obama’s term so you should expect things to be pretty similar to last year. However, there have been a few changes. CNN Money recently discussed some of these changes and how to make sure you file in time for 2016. (more…)

Let the Countdown to Retirement Begin

If retirement is in your near future, it is your job to start planning now. Get those ducks in a row years before your anticipated retirement so that it can happen when you intend to. Most people know that as you approach retirement your investments should become more conservative and your savings should increase, but USA Today recently came up with a thorough to-do list before you take the big plunge. (more…)