Why Us?

Your lifestyle is unique and requires personalized planning; we will listen to what you want out of life and then make recommendations specific to your needs. Ray Mignone has over 20 years experience as a Certified Financial Planner and has helped many individuals over the years. When you become a client, you will work directly with Ray for your planning and investment needs and benefit from his financial wisdom.

We Don’t Sell Products

We are an independent Fee-Only personal wealth management firm that is only compensated by the fees our clients pay us, not from sales commissions. We don’t have sales quotas requiring us to push expensive investment products that may be inappropriate for you.

You Receive Objective Financial Advice

Advice not related to product sales, in fact we are incented to keep your investment costs low since we also benefit from the growth of your assets. As a Fee-Only financial advisor we have a fiduciary obligation to act in our clients’ best interests, this responsibility does not exist when you deal with traditional stock brokers.

Tired Of Working With Big Financial Firms?

Over the past 10 years many investors have gotten fed up working with large financial firms that are only interested in creating short term bonuses for their employees and are not compensated based on how much wealth you, the client builds. Investors are disenchanted with the turnover of employees, it seems when someone begins to understand your situation they get promoted or move to another firm. The bottom line is; large firms care very little about their clients, only the profits your money generates.

Small Size Benefits You

Our size allows us to provide a uniquely personal experience to all of our clients and build lasting relationships. We use state of the art technology to do planning and help manage portfolios in a very professional yet individualized manner. Partnering with our custodian TD Ameritrade we are able to provide a wide range of financial options to our clients at low costs. You benefit from a unique combination of personalized service and high quality institutional support.

Why not contact us for a complimentary consultation and find out if our services are right for you?