Investment Management

We are unique in that we work with all of your investments even if they are held elsewhere. Our service provides an affordable way for an investor to have a personal risk assessment, investment review, a professional portfolio design and ongoing active investment management. We also evaluate, recommend, monitor and report on other assets that you want to remain invested where they are, but want someone to regularly oversee. These assets might include your company 401(k), certificates of deposit, annuities or inherited securities with low tax basis.

Are you tired of working with financial professionals that put you in investment products but don’t actively monitor your results or make changes when necessary?

Have you suffered through the tech bubble bear market and now the recent financial market collapse, while watching your retirement nest egg shrink over time?

And the only financial advice you receive is, “to stay the course” or “stocks will always outperform other investments over the long run” but no changes are made to your investments?

While no one can guarantee investment results, and we certainly cannot, we do design our investment strategies with the goal of controlling risk while achieving growth over time. We accomplish this by creating, Risk Controlled Portfolios for each client and actively managing the portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy

It is our belief that money compounds better (and investors sleep better) if their quarterly portfolio results have lower volatility (less swings in account values). Wall street brokers like to sell short-term performance; we try to achieve steady long-term returns by using a disciplined approach combining a Strategic Core Allocation of investments (that include investments with low correlation to both the stock and bond markets) with Tactical Allocation Changes when our extensive research identifies shorter-term investment opportunities or a need to control portfolio risk.

Intensive Research

As active investors, we are systematic and persistent in searching for asset classes that are selling at a considerable discount to their fair value. We believe that intensive research and a disciplined process are critical to investment success. In-depth, fundamental research and careful reasoning underlie every investment decision we make.

Global Perspective

Openness to a globally diverse set of asset classes expands our ability to uncover attractive investment opportunities and helps us to better manage downside risk.

Long-Term Approach

A long-term approach allows us to take advantage of temporarily mispriced investments and typically ensures that fundamentals, rather than fear or greed, dictate asset prices.

Forward-Looking Analysis

History provides a valuable frame of reference but does not always apply to the current environment. We seek to learn how the world is evolving and incorporate our opinions about these changes into our assessment of risk and investment allocations.

Discipline and Conviction

We set the bar high in assessing investment opportunities, and we have the discipline and conviction to act on an opportunity we find compelling. We believe that investors who lack the courage to act on their convictions are destined for mediocrity.

Innovative Thinking

Our willingness to think outside the box allows us to identify unusually compelling investment opportunities. This has been an important part of our competitive edge and our long-term success.

Asset Allocation

Our investment portfolios take into account both short-term downside risk and potential long-term returns and are implemented using the following steps:

    • For each client, we identify an appropriate target mix of investments based on their return objectives, risk preference, time horizon, cash flow requirements and any other relevant circumstances.
    • We make periodic “tactical” adjustments to the asset mix when we are highly confident that by overweighting certain investments we can improve return potential and/or reduce portfolio risk
    • We analyze a range of economic scenarios to assess the potential impact of any tactical decision on overall portfolio risk.

Is this the same as market timing?

No. We expect this discipline to lead us to overweight early (before a bottom) and get us back to or below our neutral allocation before a top. But we have no expectations for perfect market timing. In fact, our discipline is more likely to lead us to reduce exposure far before a market peak than close to a peak.

While we make tactical changes with portions of our strategies, we always maintain some market exposure with our Core Allocations. We are not trying to get completely out of the market into cash and then find the right time to get back into the market. Instead asset class valuations and overall market risk will determine the portion of the portfolio that will be tactically changed over time.

Our Portfolios

After evaluating each client’s situation we establish an Investment Policy Statement for each client. The investment policy incorporates risk considerations, return objectives, cash flow needs, tax issues and other factors specific to the client. The Investment Policy Statement plays the role of roadmap as we apply our overall investment strategy to each individual client situation.

Depending on the client’s individual situation we will create an investment strategy that typically will fall into one of four strategies, Aggressive, Normal, Moderate or Conservative. We review these strategies with the client and will make changes as the client’s financial situation and risk tolerance changes over time.

Our Services Include

Portfolio Management

We manage your investment assets using ETFs, individual bonds, no load, loaded waived and institutional mutual funds. Institutional mutual funds have lower expense ratios and thus, when all other variables are equal, increases the return on the portfolio. Our methods and philosophy have proven to produce strong long-term returns within a risk-controlled managed portfolio. We monitor your portfolio and provide you with performance updates, in addition you receive monthly account statements from the institutional firm that holds your account.

Monitoring of Your Other Assets

Unlike many other firms who only work with the assets you placed with them we also evaluate, recommend, monitor and report on other assets that you want to remain invested where they are, but want someone to regularly oversee and include in your overall strategic portfolio asset allocation mix. These assets might include your company 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plan, investments with a stockbroker, certificates of deposit, variable annuities or inherited securities with low tax basis. We believe your true investment strategy cannot be formulated without taking all of your assets into consideration.

If you believe you could benefit from a professionally managed portfolio please contact us.