Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services includes reviews of your cash flow, advice on tax planning issues, we evaluate your investments, retirement plans, insurance needs and show you how much you need to save to meet your various goals. We also work with you and your attorney to make sure your heirs are protected from unnecessary probate fees and taxes in the event of your death.

This is a very personalized service where we first meet and discuss your goals and objectives. After our analysis, we present you with a written financial plan showing your present financial situation and also documenting your financial future. The Financial Planning Service can be a complete comprehensive written plan or a plan which just covers the area you are immediately concerned with, for example, retirement planning or estate planning. The following subjects are covered in the financial planning process, where needed other areas are also addressed.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is a realistic picture of how money comes into the household and where it goes. It is the foundation of your financial plan. This is important, because you likely have financial goals and reaching them often means making choices about how to allocate your resources.

Insurance Planning

Any serious financial plan should consider the needs and benefits of insurance. Income protection assures you that your family will be provided for in the event of death or disability.

You may have questions about how much insurance is really needed, what type of policy would be best for you and what highly rated companies have low premiums. If you already have insurance, you may want an independent evaluation of your coverage.

We will show you projections of how your need for insurance and amounts will change as you go through various life cycles. We will also advise you how to structure the ownership of the policy to avoid estate taxes. Our planning can also include elder care needs for you or your parents.

Investment Planning

As you make decisions about your retirement and estate planning, investment strategies will need to be created for you. We work with you to determine your investment objectives, time horizon and your risk tolerance. We develop an asset allocation plan that helps you accumulate and manage money within your comfort zone. Our recommendations are made with the consideration of the tax consequences.

Tax Planning

All components of your financial plan affect taxes in some way. Our integrated style of examining your need for insurance, investments, retirement and estate planning helps ensure you are taking full advantage of current tax laws.

We do not do taxes, we review your prior tax returns looking for ways to increase your deductions and decrease your taxes. We also review your paycheck withholdings looking for ways to increase your take-home pay.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement years are meant to be the best years of your life, but if you do not put some planning into it, retirement can mean dependence on the reliability of the government, the solvency of your employer’s pension plan or family.

Our job in retirement planning is to show you what you need to start doing now so you can retire when you want, spending what you want without outliving your funds.

The retirement plan you receive will show your annual inflated expenses and your income from all sources, how your investments will fund each year of retirement until depletion, tax projections for each year and mandated minimum distributions from your IRAs.

We review the options in your employer’s retirement plan and recommend the investments best for you. We determine how your other investments should be invested in order to reach your goals. We show you what you need to save now.

If you are near retirement, we calculate which pension offer is best for you and your family so you can make the best decision.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is probably the least understood of the financial planning components and the most difficult to face, considering it means facing your own mortality.

Our first goal for you is to insure that the maximum amount of your assets will go to whom you desire. The second goal is to minimize the estate taxes and probate fees upon your death.

We accomplish these goals in several ways. We first get a clear understanding of how you want your assets to pass on through your family or friends. Then, we review your wills and trusts. Using a variety of estate planning tools, we recommend techniques that fit your desires.

Sometimes estate tax avoidance is impossible. In those cases, we make recommendations on the options available to fund the taxes. Life insurance is often used for this purpose, so we recommend to you how much and what kind of insurance you need.

We work with your attorney to accomplish your goals. If you do not have an attorney, we can recommend one.