RINKs Services

Since becoming a Certified Financial Planner practitioner in 1989 I have helped many individuals and couples make a financially successful transition into retirement. Over the years using sound retirement planning  I have created hundreds of retirement plans, I realized that a good portion of my clients, were like me, and don’t have any children, or can’t count on children to assist them during their golden years. Once retired, I respectfully refer to these clients as RINKs – Retired, Independent, No Kids.

I also realized that on average the clients without children, (who were savers), tended to have accumulated more assets during their lifetime than those clients with children. Their retirement, estate and health care planning strategy needs are different, with the emphasis on ensuring independence and dignity in retirement. Most importantly, the need to preserve and manage investments is critical to allowing them to enjoy a long and financially independent retirement. For these reasons our firm created a unique retirement planning and investment management process we call the, RINKs Planning Strategy. We have successfully used this strategy to help our clients optimize their wealth and quality of life.

As I searched for information to help my clients, I couldn’t find any books specifically devoted to retirement and investment planning for childless individuals who had accumulated some wealth. This gave me the motivation for writing RINKs. In this book I share my years of experience working with individual retirees, making retirement projections and managing their investments in a risk controlled manner. I describe the processes, which we cover, with our clients using our unique, RINKs Planning Strategy.

In the book, I touch on many different aspects of personal finance, including some of the emotional aspects of transitioning into retirement and building a support network of advisors and friends. Of course no book can cover all aspects of personal wealth management. My hope is that this book will provide you with some ideas that you can utilize in your own life or while working with your financial advisor.

Much of the information in my book, RINKs will pertain to anyone whether they have children or not, but where ever possible I have tried to explain why certain strategies are better for the childless. If you don’t have children or can’t rely on help from your children in retirement, contact us and so we explain how we can help you.